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International Cooperation

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At the moment, TUE has been creating and strengthening cooperative relationship with universities and educational institutes from 20 countries and regions throughout the world.

TUE pays much of its efforts in openinginternational cooperation in different fields. Atpresent we are strengthening and expandingcooperation in information and trainingexperience exchange, scientific research andresource development.

In the context of international integration and development,TUE has launched important initiatives in international cooperation projects for practical economic benefits.We have been creating and strengthening cooperative relationships with universities and educational institutes; from 20 countries and regionsthroughoutthe world.

TUE directs its activities in international cooperation towards the development of the training program and the innovation of teaching methods. In recent years, many TUE's delegation have been sent to countries with advanced education to study and exchange experience in the development of the training program and the innovation of teaching methods.

Thai Nguyen University of Education has cooperation in training and research with:

- Guangxi Pedagogic Institute, China

- Wenshan Teacher’s College, China

- He Chi Vocational Institute, China

- Guangxi Vocational Institute, China

- Guangxi Ethnic University, China

- Ryukyu University, Japan

- Troyes University of Technology and Savoir University, France

- Hawaii University and English language Institute, USA

- St. John’s University,  USA

- Center of Culture and Science, Russia

- Kasetsart University, Thailand.

- National Changhua University of Education, Taiwain.

- Feng Chia University, Taiwain.







 Providing both communicative and academic Vietnamese for students

- Pursuing bothcommunicativeandacademicVietnamese

- Pursuing undergraduateand graduate programsat higher educational institutions in Viet Nam

The course includes two main levels:

- Level one-communicative Vietnamese (basicto intermediate level -665 hours)

- Level two -academicVietnamese (basic level -135 hours).

In addition, to help students immerse Vietnamese culture, the course includes visits to some famous cultural, historic and educational sites in Vietnam.

Courses are designed and taught by experts in Vietnamese language, the program aims to provide in-depth knowledge of Vietnamese phonetics, semantics, grammar and the latest teaching methods ofVietnamese.


The team of instructors at the Center is qualified, dedicated, and experienced in teaching Vietnamese to international students.


The Center offers various Vietnamese courses rigorously designed to meet different learners' needs.


Center opens all working days of the week to support and give advice for international students.


Team of tutors including well selected students from Department of Vietnamese Literature and Linguistics is very responsive and willing to help international students at anytime.








TUE was the first university in the North of Vietnam to participate in educational quality assurance in 2009.

In 2012 among universities of education, TUE was the first to invite employers from universities, high schools, and educational institutions which are employing TUE's graduates for assessment of education quality.

TUE puts its efforts to develop the teachers and educational managers' competencies meeting the demands of the labour market.

TUE acknowledges the essence of research and technology transfer in the improvement of training quality as well as in the contribution to the stability and development of the local area and the North ofVietnam.

TUE is one of the leading universities to strengthen and widen the relation between the University and the locality in research and technology transfer.

So far, TUE has accomplished








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