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TUE offers teachers and educational managers with 26 Bachelor disciplines, 23 Master's disciplines and 13 Doctoral disciplines

- Scale: 21.000 students (regular and non-regular)

Bachelor Degrees: (in 26 majors):

1.    Mathematics

2.    Mathematics – Informatics

3.    Informatics

4.    Mathematics – Physics

5.    Physics

6.    Physics – Chemistry

7.    Physics – Industrial Technology

8.    Chemistry

9.    Biology

10.  Biology– Agricultural Engineering

11.  Biology – Chemistry

12.  Biology - Geography

13.  Philology

14.  Literature – Geography

15.  Literature – History

16.  History

17.  Geography

18.  Psychology

19.  Primary Education

20.  English for Primary Education

21.  Physical Education

22.  Physical Education – Defense

23.  Nursery Education

24.  Political Education

25.  Music

26.  Fine Art.




Master Degrees (in 23 majors):


1.    Theory and Methods of Teaching Mathematics

2.    Theory and Methods of Teaching Biology

3.    Theory and Methods of Teaching Physics

4.    Theory and Methods of Teaching Literature

5.    Theory and Methods of Teaching Geography

6.    Genetics

7.    Pedagogies

8.    Mathematical Analysis

9.    Algebra and Number Theory

10.   Linguistics

11.   Vietnamese Literature

12.   Vietnamese History

13.   Geography

14.   Physical Geography

15.   Analytical Chemistry

16.   Organic Chemistry

17.   Inorganic Chemistry

18.   Experimental Biology

19.   Ecology

20.   Education Management

21.   Political Education

22.   Physics of Solids

23.   Pedagogics for Primary Education




Doctoral Degrees (in 13 majors):

1.   Theory and Methods of Teaching Biology

2.   Theory and Methods of Teaching Physics

3.   Vietnamese Literature

4.   Vietnamese History

5.   Ecology

6.   Genetics

7.   Education Management

8.   Mathematical Analysis

9.   Theory and History of Education

10.  Theory and Methods of Teaching Mathematics

11.  Vietnamese Language

12.  InorganicChemistry

13.  Geography






TUE was the first university in the North of Vietnam to participate in educational quality assurance in 2009.

In 2012 among universities of education, TUE was the first to invite employers from universities, high schools, and educational institutions which are employing TUE's graduates for assessment of education quality.

TUE puts its efforts to develop the teachers and educational managers' competencies meeting the demands of the labour market.







TUE acknowledges the essence of research and technology transfer in the improvement of training quality as well as in the contribution to the stability and development of the local area and the North ofVietnam.

TUE is one of the leading universities to strengthen and widen the relation between the University and the locality in research and technology transfer.

So far, TUE has accomplished

v  06 State projects        

v  585 TUE Projects

v  304 MOET Projects      

v   4778 Student Projects





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